Monday, June 24, 2013

Opaque & Obsession: Day 1

6/20/13:   We traveled to Best Friends Animal Society in Mission Hills from Westchester to pick up Opaque and Obsession.  The people at Best Friends are very gracious and extremely kind.  They gave us an extensive tour of the facilities and explained how to foster kittens.

When we got home, we let the twins out into their foster room.  It is our 14 year old's bedroom, which is quite a bit larger than the cage that they were living in.  They have filtered water to drink, a soft cushy bed (shown above), a twin bed that they can jump on and hide under, limitless food, hardwood floors with a very colorful area rug to lounge on, a ceiling fan, an open window with an ocean breeze and lots of love and attention.

At first, Opaque was the extrovert.  He was the brave one and the one who checked us out and gave as a big purr when we picked him up or petted him.  His sister, Obsession seemed afraid and shy, hiding under the bed each time we came into the room.  Opaque has a very relaxed, calm nature.

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