Saturday, August 24, 2013

Reiki for Rescues

Black Cat Holistic Rescue does more than save black cats and provide them with individualized holistic services, we also offer holistic services to the cats that have been saved by other rescue organizations in our area.  Reiki for Rescues represents our vision to provide Reiki services to cats of all fur colors being cared for by local rescue organizations.

This month we felt honored to offer our Reiki for Rescues service to 19 white cats that were saved from a hoarding situation by a local rescue organization.  When we first met these angels, they were all scared, traumatized, hissing, scratching, biting and hiding.  Some of them were also sick, lethargic and unresponsive.  They were essentially untouchable.

The first thing we did when we met these cats was introduce ourselves to each and every one of them.  We told them that we understood that they were scared, but they didn't need to be afraid of us.  We praised them and sent positive energy and loving thoughts from our hearts to theirs.  Then we went to work sending them Reiki.

We chose to perform distance Reiki since the cats did not want to be touched. One of the ways that we introduced Reiki to them was by gently filling their bodies with the calming blue light of Reiki.  We used our intuition and imagination to visualize each white cat turn blue with Reiki.  Reiki calmed them and allowed them to relax their tense muscles and release their anxiety.  Many of them blinked slowly to show their gratitude.

Our Reiki treatments for these cats have evolved into longer, more complex sessions with wonderful results. Three cats allow us to pet them, scratch their head, ears & chin and roll over to ask for more.  Many of the cats allow us to touch them with one finger and only one still hisses.  However, all of them seem to eagerly await our arrival and are very responsive to our presence.

The most important part of our services is to ensure that rescued cats associate the gentle, loving energy of Reiki with human interaction.  This positive reinforcement is integral for the socialization of cats that have been abandoned, abused, neglected and/or betrayed.  We accomplish this by giving Reiki while talking to them, praising them and reassuring them in a gentle, calm voice.  We do this for as long as a cat needs us to...daily, weekly, monthly - as long as it takes.

We are available to provide Reiki and other holistic services to cats in the care of rescue organizations in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  We are a non profit organization and our services are always free.  Please contact us if your rescue organization is in need of Reiki and/or other holistic services by emailing  

Please go to to learn more about who we are and what we do.

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